About Pragati Disha Foundation Trust

About Pragati Disha Foundation Trust

Social Services Pragati Disha Foundation Trust is a trust registered for the public charitable trust, India, which is under section 1882. The Pragati Disha Foundaton Trust is working in the fields of Societies, Medicine, Environment, Employment, Sports and Education. Since its inception, the organization has been working hard on empowerment of everyone in the society. To effectively implement various tasks in trust, the Trust Executive Committee and the Advisory Board have been organized to develop the functions of the committee. After its establishment, the trust will work a lot for social, medical, environment, employment, sports and educational development. Pragati is becoming a country charity dedicated to the development of human welfare and human development. Perhaps the most important thing is that it is intended to focus on resolving the most difficult problems of human beings, rather than working in any particular area, which was a more conventional disinterested approach to progress.

Program area of the trust

Establishment of education centers, establishment of peace, strengthening democracy, strengthening economy, education in democratic society, disarmricted IT training center, computerization of IT literacy, Electronic donation, Empowerment of women, job fair, employment opportunities for unemployed youth, planned skill training program, digital literacy program, women employment scheme, main medical camp, blood donation camp, patient support program, Eye examination, tooth testing and surgery camp, free distribution camp, digital examination camps, health, education and organizing bridges pension, child marriage prevention, racism, corruption, dowry practice prevention, educating the underdog and personal behavior and human relations etc. Youth employment program, IT education program, student-scholarship program, skill training program etc. For the benefit of the people of privileged area, trust is always prepared for the poor and helpless, needy people in the society. Empowerment of everyone in the society is the main function of trust.

Program area of the Trust

  • Establishment of education centers.

  • Spreading IT education.

  • Empowerment of women through skill development program.

  • Providing educational and health services for the disadvantaged and BPL population.

  • Promoting employment opportunities in society

Main office of Trust : DLW-Sunderpur Road (Near Bengal Sweet House), Bhikharipur, Varanasi-221004 U.P. INDIA
Registered address of society : Churamanpur, Bhullanpur, Varanasi (U.P.)

In order to develop all the projects of the society, centers will be opened in every block of the Regional Office and one block in each district of the state. Regarding statutory institutions registered with the Department under section 1882 by the government of India. This Act is certified in 1882 to implement services in social, medical, environment, employment, sports and education sectors.

About Trust Partners

Presently we are collaborating with various popular organizations like Implementation of various educational assignments and progress for operation, India family, Handicapped Research and Council etc. To organize a free medical camp, service institute, Indian Ayurveda and world science research institute etc. The trust has the cooperation.