Welcome to Pragati Disha Foundation Trust

Social Services Pragati Disha Foundation Trust is a trust registered for the public charitable trust, India, which is under section 1882. The Pragati Disha Foundaton Trust is working in the fields of Societies, Medicine, Environment, Employment, Sports and Education. Since its inception, the organization has been working hard on empowerment of everyone in the society.

To effectively implement various tasks in trust, the Trust Executive Committee and the Advisory Board have been organized to develop the functions of the committee. After its establishment, the trust will work a lot for social, medical, environment, employment, sports and educational development. Pragati is becoming a country charity dedicated to the development of human welfare and human development. Perhaps the most important thing is that it is intended to focus on resolving the most difficult problems of human beings, rather than working in any particular area, which was a more conventional disinterested approach to progress.